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Our Library

Library Hours

M-F 7:30-3:00

Library Rules:

1.       Follow all La Paloma School and classroom rules.

2.       Enter and leave the library quietly.

3.       Always use a browsing board when choosing library books.

4.       No running or playing in the library.

5.       Check out your book and then sit quietly and read.

6.       If you need to talk, please whisper.

7.       Leave the library in a neat order.

Rules for Book Care:

1.       Return your library book when it is due.

2.       Mark your place with a book mark.

3.       Protect your library book from rain or leaking water bottles with a plastic bag.

4.       Never color or write in a library book.

5.       Keep your library book safe from little brothers or sisters and pets.

6.       Carefully turn the pages from the corner so they will not tear.

7.       Let the Librarian repair any tears or damage to a library book.

8.       Use clean hands when reading your library book.

9.       Never eat or drink while reading your book.


Meet Our Librarian, Mrs. Lowell:

I grew up in Fallbrook attending elementary school, Potter Jr. High and graduated from Fallbrook High School. I also graduated from Brigham Young University. I married my high school sweetheart. We have 5 children and 21 grandchildren. I have been a librarian for almost 20 years. I love working with children and am happy to be at La Paloma where my children went to school. I feel blessed to be surrounded by the wonderful literature available to children. In my spare time, in addition to reading, I love to be outdoors hiking and enjoying the beautiful country we live in. My goal is to visit all the National Parks in the United States.